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ART for a business or venture is like a musical melody to lyrics. Unique, personalized and inspired ART may not be copy/pasted into your life- or your business. In this world of changing technology and obsoletes, a true ARTIST will always be needed to convey the right ideas, feelings and passions.


It takes technique to effectively bring ideas to the modern world. Expert knowledge in a variety of digital programs is my priority. I thrive on creativity, but I also bring experience and skill for those technical jobs you need a profesional to do.


With years of experience blending art with marketing, sales and production, your projects will be treated with the utmost care. Your success is my success. Your happiness is my deadline.



Graphic Design

Print Layout

Renderings and CADs

Photography and Video

Design and Construction

Technical Design

Apparel Design

Website Design


brendan mignogna





Brendan became an artist early in life, sketching, drawing and painting in tow of parents fulfilling professions related to photography and art. He began his professional career as a graphic designer for Ocean Pacific, and has since worked for an extensive list of companies including Fortress Eyewear, Nixon, Gato Heroi, U50, Stance, Boost Mobile, Rusty, Volcom, Black Heart Brotherhood, DC Shoe Co., Ezekiel, Fealmor, Hurley and O’Neill. In addition to working as a corporate creative director and designer, Brendan has also provided countless graphic and website design services for small businesses, websites, schools and churches. Brendan is a detailed apparel designer and has made clothing for numerous musicians, actors, and public figures.



I would love to chat about your current and future needs.